Special features

The design of the ZIM Float system ensures easy and fast assembly, simple and effective maintenance, and the safe integration of electrical components.

Stable and safe

The ZIM Float design guarantees that maintenance can be carried out safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. All components are accessible from robust walkways which are integrated into the system.

  • All modules and inverters are accessible via safe maintenance gangways
  • Gangways follow the strings, simplifying maintenance and repair
  • Railings can be installed on the inverter row (on request)
  • All cables are protected from long-term contact with water and direct sunlight, ensuring the best conditions for cable strings and connectors
  • Low maintenance system
  • Most connections are equipped with special safety systems which cannot be detached.
Safe maintenance gangways on the complete structure ensure low maintenance costs
90cm wide main maintenance walkway usable for trolleys or service carts without any steps
Wide walkways between boats possible
Stable walkways between modules
Stable walkways between modules
Anti slippery for safe walking under every weather condition
Inverter bench for safe mounting and maintenance
Cable trays under step plates for DC and AC cables
Integrated cable ducts for DC cabling under modules
Stable construction guarantees perfect integration of HV cables
Clear engineered interfaces from plant to water and to shore
Beneficial integration of transformer station possible
Project specific integration of electrical components or equipment possible
Project specific integration of electrical components or equipment possible

Beneficial and safe integration
of electrical concept

Modular design secures the implementation of various individual concepts and ensures the highest level of safety and durability.

  • Electrical concepts and components are intelligently integrated
  • All cables are protected from long-term wear and tear, contact with water, and direct sunlight. This provides the best possible conditions for cable strings and connectors
  • Every electrical component is accessible via integrated walkways
  • Electric concept can be adapted for each project
  • A floating transformer station can be implemented. This has already been approved in several projects.

Quick and easy assembly includes reliable logistics

The benefits of ZIM Float begin with installation. Land-based line production is carried out on site, guaranteeing smart and fast installation using a minimal area of land.

  • Optimised just-in-time delivery reduces storage requirements
  • Scalable assembly system with in-line production onshore
  • Upstream pre-assembly is carried out alongside the production line
  • Rivets are used for more than 90 percent of all connections – ensuring quick assembly with minimum tooling
  • Assembly aids and prefabricated cable strings ensure high quality connections and the quick installation of electrical components
  • Damped slide wheels allow boats to be launched safely and simply.
Organized in-line production for high speed assembly
Easy and fast launching of boats
Project specific assembly aids for accurate mounting of modules
Organized in-line production for high speed assembly
Long term proven components for high quality
Organized and detailed planned logistic service by Zimmermann
Special design guarantees low impact to environment
Open structure with fluent water underneath avoids algae growing
Free area under modules for high cooling effect and light transmission by glass-glass modules
Project specific distance between boats possible
High occupancy rate of up to 2 MW per hectare leads to low area consumption

Impact on the environment

We understand that freshwater is a valuable commodity and a living eco-system.

Placing a ZIM Float system on flatwater:

  • Reduces water evaporation, protecting a valuable resource
  • Allows light into the water through innovative design
  • Promotes the chimney effect which allows colder air from the water surface to cool the PV modules. This ensures they remain at the optimal temperature for maximum energy generation
  • Provides high energy-density per hectare while requiring minimal space on the water
  • Allows free movement of water under the system – only about 20 percent of the water surface is covered
  • Ensures that the eco-system is not disrupted by the run-off from harmful elements or plastics
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