Design & development

ZIM Float is designed as a complete system with integrated inverter boats, gang- and maintenance ways, cable ducts, wave barriers, plant boats, and floating transformer stations.

ZIM Float’s optimal design is realised with durable materials for long-term
energy generation.

Adaptability and

ZIM Float has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and scalability. This approach has been consistently applied since the initial design of ZIM Float. It still drives our efforts to optimise and innovate the system.

  • Designed for quick assembly and low maintenance
  • Flexible steel structures guarantee compatibility with every module size (M6, M10, M12)
  • Buoyancy can be optimised by adapting the size and number of floats
  • Additional components are available including: plant boats, operation and maintenance boats, wave barriers, and service carts.
  • Connector and boat design ensures ZIM Float can be scaled up to 50 MWp per island or block.
Project specific design based on chosen electrical concept
Flexible system design according number of modules, module size and tilt
Scalable modular system according needed buoyancy with 4, 6 or 8 floats
Adaptation to project specific wind, snow and wave loads
Building of big blocks up to 30 hectares possible
High optimized solution for specific requirements
Detailed statical calculation according country specific norms
Detailed statical calculation according country specific norms
Intensive planning services
Load calculation according country specific norms

Structural concept
and design

The ZIM Float system uses a steel mounting structure with a unique, durable, and environmentally friendly corrosion protection coating. Static and dynamic calculations are performed for each project individually.

  • Each project is delivered with a comprehensive and project-specific set of static and dynamic calculations in accordance with local norms. These calculations are used to determine different parameters such as mooring design.
  • The basis of the structural and dynamic calculations rely on wind tunnel tests and our inhouse expertise
  • Our approach guarantees the security of the installation and is important when obtaining finance for new or expanded installations
  • Zim Float utilises durable materials in every component. The result is a PV installation with a potential recycling rate of almost 100 percent.

Solar and inverter boats

A ZIM Float system is supported on a series of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) floats, perfectly embedded in the durable and stable structure of the solar and inverter boats.

  • Pontoons are made from high-quality, food safe, multi-layered HDPE. The inner layer of the pontoon is made from recycled material.
  • The mix of raw materials has been selected to offer a long lifecycle, maximum UV protection, and a high level of stability.
  • Floats are fitted tightly into the construction without mechanical attachments. This avoids friction and prevents micro-abrasion of the plastics.
  • All components are designed to last for more than 25 years
  • Inverter boats, wave barriers, plant boats, and other components are designed to be compatible and easy to integrate
  • The inverter boats provide wide (90 cm/35 inch) and stable gangways. There are no steps on either side of the boat to ensure safety.
Beneficial and economic design
High quality multilayered floats
Safe and optimized logistic concept
Real testing scenarios for high quality
Reliable and consistent quality
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