More ZIM PV-Systems

We develop, plan and supply ground-mounted solar mounting racks as rigid constructions, as movable trackers, as floating installations as well as flexible Agri-PV substructures.


The ZIMMERMANN PV-Steel Group has been developing, planning and supplying solar mounting substructures for projects worldwide since 2009. Our portfolio comprises of ground-mounted solar mounting racks as rigid construction, as single axis trackers and on water as floating installations.

Your manufacturer for ground-mounted solar mounting frames – worldwide!

We designed, produced and delivered fix-tilt mounting systems for more than 1500 projects worldwide. Our range of products and our know-how are unique. Get an overview of our service portfolio.

The high-quality tracker solution for large-scale PV systems.

ZIM Track: the cost-effective, low maintenance tracker system which offers a high level of security and scalability.

ZIM Agri-PV Systems – flexible and high-quality
Agri-PV systems for dual use in agriculture.

Our systems allow the combined use of land for agricultural production and
the added benefit of generating solar power in a smart and sustainable way.

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