Sustainability is an essential component of our business and influences every step of our strategy. Our products are designed to generate clean and renewable energy, without doing hard to the environment.

Ecological electricity

Renewable energy through
facade PV modules

The active integration of sustainable measures into our business distinguishes ZIM Float from our competition. Achieving an optimal balance between economic growth and sustainability is the basis for a functioning society and our environment.

Our business is to support the generation of renewable energy. So it is no surprise that we take every opportunity to harness the power of the sun to create electricity for our business – and the local community. ZIMMERMANN’s new administration building in Oberessendorf (Germany) sets new standards in this regard! In addition to PV modules on the roof, the facades of our headquarters have also been equipped with photovoltaic modules. An exhibition park, created to showcase our various PV substructures – also generates energy for the business. The amount of energy we generate exceeds our own needs so the surplus is fed into the local grid, ensuring our community has access to clean and renewable electricity.

E-mobility is driving us forward

As well as using the renewable energy we generate for heating and electricity in our operations, ZIMMERMANN offers all employees at our headquarters the opportunity to use green energy to power their electric vehicles. All employees have free access to our charging stations. And we are progressively converting our corporate fleet to electrically powered vehicles.

The measures we have taken to ensure ZIMMERMANN operates sustainably led to us become the proud owner of an environmental certificate in mid-2020.

Green mobility

Zimmermann PV-Stahlbau receives environmental certificate.

We are delighted that this recognition by society and our customers will enable us to be an even more prominent role model for sustainable business.

Furthermore, the Company various sustainable projects with donations. These included in the past, for example the equipping of refugee camps with
photovoltaic substructures, so that people have access to electricity can be enabled. PV-Stahlbau GmbH & Co. KG supports the BayWa-Stiftung in further projects. A matter of the heart are also Grants for the project SolarAid – Solar Lights for Africa.

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